Great thought was given to the renovation of this hotel and careful attention was given to every detail to preserve the simple, yet elegant style of traditional Rajasthan. There are a total of 24 rooms in HOTEL SEVENTH SQUARE - Luxury Rooms and Premium Rooms. Every room has a white tiled bathroom with hot water available 24 hours a day, all have western style Toilets and Showers.

You will be delightfully surprised by whichever room you choose, for each is unique. Every year the management thoughtfully adds colorful, singular attributes to the rooms to make them more inviting. From the towels and bedding, to the glass chandeliers called ‘handis’ to the hand-worked curtains and colorful pillows, every single item is particularly chosen for each room.

HOTEL SEVENTH SQUARE maintains its old world charm and resembles a home rather than a hotel. There are no telephones or television sets in the rooms to upset the tranquility and serenity of this beautiful hotel. You cannot help but fall in love and want to stay forever.

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